Single Mantra Essential Oils

Buy 7 oils bundle or by individual
Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil Blends 

1. Clary Sage – Herbaecous & calming
2. Eucalytpus – Clean & invigorating
3. Frankincense – Spicy & warm
4. Lavender – Relaxing & comforting
5. Lemon – Zesty & refreshing
6. Peppermint – Uplifting & enlivening
7. Tea Tree – Earthy & refreshing

Bundle of 7 - $99 

Single - $15

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mantra essential oils
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Mantra Essential Oils

Sold as a boxed set of 6 - Pure,
Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil Blends 

1. Sleep
2. Energy
3. Focus
4. Relax
5. Restore
6. Breathe